Ultimate Sex Survey

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In line for a coffee, I notice a free local Boulder magazine called Rooster sitting on a rack near the barista. On the cover is a wide-eyed drawing of a girl in a small referee outfit, cradling a baby that appears to be wrapped in a burqa. In the heading is written, “Ultimate Sex Survey”. The entire cover is weirdly sexual, and concerning, because I find it concerning. I can’t tell when this type of thing started to make me squeamish. When did sex start to make me awkward? It pours out of everything now, much as it did when I was young, but it seems so disheartening. A familiar recklessness that’s finally lost its control. When I was in the middle of it, it was like standing in the center of a storm, everything spiraling and deliberate. The things we used to do in public bathrooms send a chill down my spine. Were we really that young?

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