Extrapolate Nothing

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A girl flew from Park City to visit me in Denver. A local girl, I met her while I was there for Sundance. We had texted back and forth for awhile before she booked her flight.

Despite the wide-rimed glasses she wears, it didn’t take long after she arrived to realize that we had little in common. She liked art, shopping, and skiing. I like books, movies, and video games. Yet it didn’t matter, because she was pleasant to be around. It reminded me of a relationship from years ago. Not one of the great loves of my life, but a very loving relationship none-the-less. And I thought to myself, “I like this. This makes sense.”

I put no expiration date on it, because there’s nothing to expire, nothing to replace. Only a feeling of enjoying someone’s presence for who they are. From this feeling, from this point, I extrapolate nothing. Not what it could be, not what we will become. Just a returned smile with a cute girl, as she puts on her glasses, and blinks into the morning light.

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