Can’t Tell the Difference

Posted on 1 min read

“Being with you, is like being with someone who is in love with someone else.”

She said it casually, as if she had just realized it were true. And it is true.

“And now I think I’m right,” she finished.

I had been talking about the other person for nearly 20 minutes without realizing it. The girl should have left. She realized who I am, and she should have ended it right there. Ended it a long time ago when the thought first came to her. But she didn’t leave. She probably felt bad for me. Maybe she thought it was justifiable because it’s parental love. How do you hold it against someone for loving their daughter? But there’s still only so much love that you can give. And being away from her is like heartbreak. It feels, and behaves, just the same as having your heart broken. Your mind can’t tell the difference when someone you love leaves your life.

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